Saoirse's intensely connected dance floor

Brand Identity


Having spent the best part of 15 years collecting records Saoirse has now established herself as a very familiar name within the electronic music community. With 15 years on the dance floors then coming behind the decks, we trust that Saoirse knows how to throw an unforgettable party, taking care of all the key elements that contribute to this. Saoirse’s first foray into the field of electronic music came at a very young age, accompanying her mother to free parties and raves in her home country of Ireland. It was at these parties that her young ears began to make sense of the sounds from the likes of Leftfield, Fluke & Orbital and a close allegiance to electronic music was forged.

Trust is Saoirse's idea of the perfect night out raving, with guest DJ’s playing long and varied sets, quality sound, great crowd & minimal production.
Heads down, eyes closed and body moving gets her going.

The identity is focused on visualising the feeling of being on the Trust dance floor where every aspect is carefully curated to create an unforgettable clubbing experience.

Moving body, pumping heart, eyes closed, heads down, connected - a night where time flies too fast.

Visual language for a club night by DJ & producer Saoirse

We visualised the feeling of euphoric warmth, moving bodies, pumping heats, closed eyes and heads down on an intensely connected dance floor