The Iranian Internet

Online Internet hostility and censorship in Iran visualised

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The Iranian internet is a space where users are permanently watched by Iranian authorities. Whether you are an everyday internet tourist or an online activist doesn't make a big difference. Everyone is under the watchful eye of the Iranian government.  

It was the 2009 Iranian presidential elections that got me interested in the matter. Supporters of the opposition were sure they got their votes stolen and made their way to the streets.

Million of Iranians gathered in the big cities. As soon as protests faced government violence foreign journalists were sent back home. Despite internet censorship and monitoring and because of numerous arrests of protestors and activists who had been spreading news online, the internet was still used to spread news about the protests with the rest of the world.I was interested in finding out who this Iranian user was and what censorship really means. I created an infographic answering these questions.

The Iranian Internet