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Nine Questions

Ism's about the contemporary experience of networked life

With a nod to Jenny Holzer’s provocative truisms, ‘Nine Questions’, makes statements about the contemporary experience of networked life posed as YES/NO questions. From Twitter faves to trolling, surveillance to data breaches, this series asks the viewer to take a firm position on the forms of social and state interaction that have become rapidly normalised over the last decade.
Digital Culture
Digital Culture
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The work was shown originally at the New Museum in New York City during the Ideas City festival. It has since been exhibited at the V&A's 'Artificially Intelligent' Exhibition, the
  1. 2020 — Design Biennial at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Ljubljana / Slovenia

    2018Artificial Intelligence at the V&A, London / UK

    2016 — Deep Lab for Ideas City at the New York New Museum, NYC / USA

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  1. Picture courtesy — Kaja Brezocnik

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