maddthing is a small independent London-based creative agency for change. Together with clients, collaborators and our community we create relevant, urgent and impactful experiences through media, arts, digital & design things.

We are proudly empowering of female-identifying talent and womxn-led grassroots.

we're associated withdesign / activism / design thinking / digital design / creative sprints / data visualisation / identity design / motion & film / experience design / visual identity / event production / new media art/ grassroots / womxn's rights / LGBTQ+ / minority rights / sustainability / wellbeing / privacy & security / music & rave / underground culture

run by 3 best mates
Maral Pourkazemi  she/her
Design activist Maral is the founder and head of creative at maddthing. Maral's work explores questions of freedom, censorship, storytelling, networks and safe spaces of radical care. Maral believes in the utilisation of the creative spectrum for positive change, exchange of knowledge and shaping of equitable cultures.
Natalie Haroutiunian she/her
Chief optimiser Nat is the co-founder and production lead at maddthing. Creating / curating memorable music, film and photo experiences on small and large scales, online or offline, that is what Nat is all about.
Asher S. Harriman-Smith he/him
Visionary Asher is the business mind and co-founder at maddthing. With experience in the global arena for one of the most successful brands in the world, Asher is the human making our mad ideas function in an ever changing new world.
associates & Collaborators→ The Tidal Place / Cultural Construction
We’re delighted about creative alliance and strategic forecasting: Co-Founders Rebecca Swift and Professor Aladin Aladin of The Tidal Place / Cultural Construction. With this unique constellation and the wealth of knowledge that comes with these two inspiring individuals, we aim to crystallise “the maddthing approach” and create new works of creative activism, together.

Professor aladin aladin, Co-Founder
Associate / Collaborator & Strategic Counsel

Rebecca Swift, Co-Founder
Associate / Collaborator

associates & CollaboratorsState News
State News generate new concepts and softwares which aid and improve our experiences and interaction with the state. With the shared future vision maddthing and State News collaborate on technology-driven work to create digital and disruptive solutions for social impact.

Georgia Hughes, Founder

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